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The Show-Me State’s sweet, native nuts have much to offer—no matter how you say it

Cracking open markets for Missouri pecans

Is it “PEE-can” or “pi-KHAN?” “Pi-CAN” or “PEE-khan?” The way you say “pecan” is usually determined by—well—various reasons. Sociolinguists think maybe it is a North-South or rural-urban difference. Others think it depends on dialect, while many believe it is the context of how the word itself is used.

No matter how you pronounce it, the pecan is a true American nut with a great history and so much to offer.

“In a native pecan grove, the trees are wild and were planted by the squirrels and the Native Americans,” said Cheyenne  . . . READ MORE

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Doing our part with heart

High school agriculture programs and small-town sports. Food pantries and fair boards. Volunteer fire departments and community parks.

All of these causes—and more—are benefiting from grants awarded by the MFA Incorporated Charitable Foundation, which was founded in 2005 to provide financial assistance for worthy projects related to rural youth, agriculture and cooperative education. It also supports nonprofit organizations that are active in improving quality of life in their communities.

Technical Feature


Returning CRP ground to agricultural production takes careful consideration

Coming out of retirement is never easy. There are financial implications. Concerns about health and well-being. Questions about productivity and capabilities.
Those same considerations apply when Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land is returned to agricultural production. The purpose of the program, which was established by Congress in 1985, is to address erosion, water quality and wildlife habitat loss on environmentally sensitive ground. Landowners take eligible acreage out of production for 10 to 15 years at a time and receive annual rental payments in return.
However, high commodity prices, lower supplies and strong demand in recent years are incentivizing producers to put these retired acres back to work. And that trend is causing concern among conservationists who don’t  . . . .

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