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MFA offers new premium equine nutrition, chicken feeds

Kalm N EZTribute Kalm ‘N EZ is among the new line of premium horse feeds offered through MFA locations. This pelleted feed has low levels of non-structural carbohydrates and is formulated for all classes of mature horses. MFA will also be carrying three other Tribute equine products.Horse owners looking for premium equine feeds now have more choices from MFA.

Nationally recognized Tribute® Equine Nutrition has been added to the product lines at MFA Agri Services, AGChoice and local affiliates. Tribute Equine Nutrition products are manufactured by Kalmbach Feeds, a family-owned business based in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

Although well known among professional equestrians, Tribute has only been widely sold east of the Mississippi River until now, said Mike Spidle, MFA Incorporated strategic feed specialist. This partnership will be Kalmbach’s first big push into MFA territory.

“We’re always looking for ways to add value for our customers, and Tribute is a name that’s recognized in the industry for top-of-the-line nutrition and outstanding results,” Spidle said. “Kalmbach’s ionophore-free manufacturing facili­ty is impressive, and their feeds include prebiotics, probiotics and optimum levels of antioxidants—similar to what we’re doing with Shield Technology.”

MFA will carry Tribute Kalm ‘N EZ® Pellets for all classes of mature horses, Kalm Ultra® high-fat pelleted feed for mature horses, Seniority® complete feed for mature and senior horses and Essential K® supplement to balance rations for all horses including idle, breeding, grow­ing and perfor­mance horses.

Tribute products have low levels of starch, sugar and non-structural carbohydrates (NSC). Low NSC levels are beneficial for hyperactive or excitable horses or those that suffer from metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance, Cushing’s disease or laminitis.

Additionally, for customers who want Non-GMO Project Verified chicken feeds, MFA is now offering the Healthy Har­vest® brand, also manufactured by Kalmbach. Included in the Healthy Harvest lineup are Starter Grower, Layer Crumbles and Layer Pellets. Spidle said these products are tar­geted to meet the needs of the dis­cerning backyard poultry enthusiast.

“We’re excit­ed to work with MFA because we share so many of the same values,” said Kalmbach Feeds’ Chief Learning Officer, Paul Kalmbach Jr., during an introductory presentation to MFA employees on March 28. “We believe in quality products that produce vis­ible results for the animal and exceptional customer service for their owners. We work hard and do the right thing. We feel like there’s a good foundation for this relationship to be successful.”

His grandfather, Milton, a poultry nutritionist, established Kalmbach Feeds in 1963 with a small grind-and-mix mill that sold bulk feed by the truckload. Since then, the company has grown to be a regional leader in animal nutrition with six feed mills and 600 employees.

The Tribute Equine Nutrition brand was launched in 2007, and the Healthy Harvest brand debuted in 2017.

“Just like MFA, we’re working every day to deliver value to our customers by investing in research, technology and qual­ity products that will help our customers succeed,” Kalmbach Jr. said. “We believe that people are the most important part of what we do; we have a great team, and I think it shows in what our company has been able to build.”

For more information on Tribute or Healthy Harvest prod­ucts, talk with your local MFA feed experts or visit online at www.mfa-inc.com/Feed.

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