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Student interns get hands-on training with MFA this summer

interns2021The 2021 MFA Ag Experience internship program kicked off May 17 at MFA Incorporated’s home office in Columbia. During the program’s ori­entation, interns had the opportunity to learn about the company’s standards and policies, explore their upcoming projects and network with MFA execu­tives and fellow interns.

The 12-week program is designed to challenge, educate and inspire college students pursuing careers in agricul­ture, business and communications. To be eligible, applicants must be working toward a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university, be a full-time student in good standing with a grade point average above 2.75 and have completed their sophomore year of college.

After being paired with an MFA men­tor, each student participates in a customized internship geared toward his or her interests and career objectives. This year’s topics include sales, precision agriculture, animal health and nutrition, communications, education and outreach.

Throughout the summer, the students will gain valuable, hands-on experience within the industry and collaborate with MFA and its members. As trusted and professional employees, they will also have access to the same technology resources, events and programs as other full-time employees in similar positions.

Overall, the goal is for interns to apply their knowledge and skills to a real-world setting. The program concludes Aug. 6, when all interns will give a final presentation detailing their projects and experiences to senior-level managers. Those who perform well throughout the program may be considered for fu­ture Ag Experience internship positions, part-time work during the school year or full-time employment after graduation.

This year’s interns are, front row, from left: Haley Kidd, Emma Ploch, Lauren Quinlan and Chloe Momphard. In back are, from left: James Fischer, Emma Miller, Alexandra Gast, Maddee Gastler and Caleb Boyd.

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