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Dispose of unwanted chemicals at free collection events across Missouri

          Discarded pesticides are collected Sept. 25, 2021, at MFA Agri Services in Marthasville. The free program continues at different locations in 2022 starting this month.If you have old, unwanted or leftover pesticides taking up room in your barn, shed, garage or home, disposing of them is more complicated than you think. Throwing away pesticides or pouring them down the drain can be detrimental to the envi­ronment, septic systems and the water supply.

That’s why MFA is participating in the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Pesticide Collection Program, which provides free events for farmers and households throughout the state to properly dispose of waste pesticides. At these collection events, approved hazardous waste contractors will take these products and send them to a permitted incineration facility. Accepted materials include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, dewormers, fly tags and fertilizer containing pesticides.

Since 2012, the Missouri Pesticide Collection Program has conducted 62 events and collected more than 742,000 pounds of waste pesticide from 1,950 participants.

In 2022, six collection events are scheduled from March through August, including two at MFA facilities in Washington and Farmington. All events run from 8 a.m. until noon.

March 12 – Fisher Delta Research, Extension and Education Center, Portageville

March 26 – Appleton City Municipal Services (City Barn), Appleton City

April 9 – MFA Agri Services, Washington

May 21 – MFA Agri Services, Farmington

June 11 – Litton Ag Center, Chillicothe

Aug. 13 – MoDOT Maintenance Facility, Versailles

Keep all pesticides in original containers and identify those that are not or have missing labels. Do not mix with other materials, and make sure lids are tightly sealed. If the container is leaking, place it in a larger container with a nonflammable absorbent, such as cat box litter. Secure waste pesticides upright and transport in the back of a truck, trailer or car trunk. Haz­ardous waste contractors will unload them from your vehicle.

For more information, call 573-751-0616 or visit online at

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