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In the Summer 2015 Issue

Put it all together
MFA PowerCalf is an inclusive beef improvement plan
by Steve Fairchild

Cashing in on healthy calves
Whole-herd management for profitability

by Austin Black

Managing Runoff on the farm
by Nancy Jorgensen

DNA technology can help improve herd genetics
by Austin Black

Advocates in action
Bridging the gap in consumer communication
by Austin Black

Beef Update 2015
The road ahead for beef
Missouri Cattlemen's President Janet Akers finding ways to make calving easier
by Nancy Jorgensen

A Q&A on BQA
The Checkoff's Beef Quality Assurance program
by Nancy Jorgensen

Wesley Tucker gets the most out of forage
by Nancy Jorgensen

Ron Plain forecasts the road ahead
by Nancy Jorgensen

Take the next step towards adding value
MFA's new PowerCalf program
by Nancy Jorgensen

Will you use drones to check on your herd?
by Nancy Jorgensen

Win the battle with brush
Good timing, the right produce and perseverance bring back pasture
By David Moore

Precision Ag pays on pasture
Nutrient distribution doesn't have to be a guessing game

by Jason Worthington

Top Performers
MFA applicators earn respect from customers and MFA

by Dr. Jason Weirich

Fetal nutrition has long-term effect
Calf management should begin before they hit the ground
by Dr. Jim White

Country Corner
Give the people protein
We need to make more protein on the same amount of land

by Steve Fairchild

Current events unite agriculture

EPA's power grab, trade policy and transportation affect livestock and row crop equally
by Ernie Verslues

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