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MFA show feed is rewarding in more ways than one

Premiums and contest cash are available

This year, the MFA Feed Division along with your local MFA feed supplier is offering special incentives to 4-H and FFA livestock project participants for using MFA feed. MFA’s longtime partnership between its local feed dealers and youth with livestock projects is a highlight for employees throughout the company, and especially for those who deal directly with students learning the responsibility and art of livestock production.

This year’s project premiums are $50 for a steer, beef heifer or dairy heifer and $25 for a market hog, market lamb, goat or bucket calf. To participate, animals must be fed a qualifying MFA feed product from weigh-in and it must be fed at recommended amounts through project Click to enlarge Graphiccompletion. Project animal initial weight, ending weight and other information is verified by the group leader and should be submitted to your local MFA feed supplier.

There is one project premium and one contest cash prize allowed per participant. Show season is here. Good luck with your livestock.

Qualifying feeds:
Show Lamb BT Pellet
MFA Superb Show Goat Ration
Standout Calf Starter Feed
Muscle Pig Show Diet
Muscle Pig Show Diet II
Ralco ShoMax
Cattle Charge
Full Throttle
Ring Leader Show Ration

For more information about MFA youth programs, visit:


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